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Kimberly Rogacki
940 24th Street, Apt. 101 Virginia Beach, VA (757)-510-4881 & (551)-486-4707

Objective: To use my professional administrative abilities to grow within the companies.

Experience: Export Customer Service

June 08'- Present - Seamates International East Rutherford, New Jersey

My responsibilities included but not limited to: Faxing, scanning, and e-mailing profit/loss sheets and prealerts. Help with on boards, updating rate books, file transfers, filling numerically and alphabetically, preparing files and obtaining files for various departments, export documentation including: invoice, bill of ladings, and letter of instruction, and entering Sea Corps, record personnel attendance as well as answering a switchboard which oversees 30 lines. Using postage meter and expediting important documentation via Fed Ex, UPS.. And recording all deliveries. Worked with many delivery services such as: Fed Ex, UPS, DHL. TNT, Express Mail, and Jefron messaging services. Consistently praised by management and other valuable office staff for the quality and timeliness efforts of completing tasks and learning outside of my job description.

Prep Cook
Oct 07'- June 08' - Perkins Lyndhurst, New Jersey
My responsibilities included but not limited to: preparing recipes for the chefs, ordering supplies when low and opening the kitchen.

Education: Bergen Community College
June 07'- Present

Skills: Customer Service, records management, Microsoft Office including Desktop Publishing, Access, Word, Excel and Power Point. Professionalism, adept written and verbal communication, faxing, scanning, copying, postage meter, filling, answering a switchboard consisting of 30 lines.

References: References are available on request.
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